October 24th, 2004
Another Al is in Town
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My friend Alan had a bit of spare time on his hands, and a few hundred $$$ in the bank, so he decided to fly in from California to hang out for the weekend with some of his Kansas City buds.  Mike had a smoker brought in and we slowly cooked meat all afternoon.  About six hours later, after a huge 56-10 ass-whoopin' we gave the Atlanta Falcons, people started to show up.  Lots of food.  Lots of beer.  Lots of good times.

There was normally music going, but for one instance the music was turned down...the politics turned up.

NIKKI_BUSH.MP3 - A two minute yelling contest amongst those present.  Special guest appearance by Howard Dean.

Matthew, Me, Angela,   and Brian. There's someone outside, but I can't tell who it is. Maybe it's a spirit entity? Spooky, huh? Didn't think so.

Shane and Alan  look on while  Nikki and Tyree dance to the Whitesnake - "Is This Love" video. They were reenacting their respective 8th Grade dances where nobody would dance with them.

Tyree and Matthew wait in anticipation for Nikki to go off on a rant aboot something. She loved standing on that chair, boy howdy :)

Nikki telling us all what for! Mike fiddles with her camera.

Brian, Shane on the left. Nikki, Tyree, Massa, and Jon do the Booby Dance. That's me trying to get in on the action, while Jackie sits sternly.

Matthew, Me, Nikki, Al, and Tyree lookin' all bad 'n shit YO!  Oh and check out the lecherous one?  Drool much, Al?

Shane fixes my Bush/Cheney yard sign that some fuckwit drove over with a shitty pickup truck.

Shane, Massa, Jackie, Tyree, and Kelvin wait for the Libertarians to get back from taking a picture of themselves in front of somebody's Badnarik yardsign halfway down the block.

Jon is busted before he does anything to my sign.

That's what Jon thinks of Bush/Cheney...and that's what I think of his fat hairy ass!

Mike, Nikki, Tyree, Kelvin, Al, Jon, Massa, and Shane hanging out in the front yard.  I do believe this was before the "booby dance".

Kelvin looks at Al and .thinks, "How the FUCK can he drink all that beer when it is obvious he has just swallowed Webster whole?"

Massa, Nikki, and Jackie check out something on the camera.  Hey Jackie...lean over a bit more would ya?

This is Ol Jims Smoker that we did the cookin' on. Awesome stuff.

This is only part of the food. Whole brisket, sliced brisket, sliced pork loin, chicken, beans, and crab/lobster dip. Speaking of DIP, that's Al with the funniest shirt of the evening: "I stopped being a sexist because bitches hate that shit"

Al having some food with his alcohol.

More of the food...ribs, manicotti, and chicken. That's some homemade BBQ sauce concocted by Jon.

And even more chicken.

Jon showing Bob some love.

Jon still showing Bob some lurvin', alongside Kelvin.

A blurry Jon coming at me for some reason, and Nikki.

Al, Nikki, The Bob, and Tyree.  Hey look...it's Rorschach Scalp!  I see a skull there.

Nikki, Tyree getting a little action from The Bob, and Mike.

Mike's arm, Jon, Jackie, and Kelvin.

Shane, Massa, Al, and Nikki's arm.

Jon, Jackie, and Kelvin watching Cartman sing the "Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch". The rest of us were singing and clapping along in D Minor :)

Mike, Jackie making Metal Horns, while Nikki and her get cozy with one another ;)

Jackie and Nikki up front, while Kelvin is about to get it in the back by Jon for hitting on the white girls.

Mike with a Glock .45 caliber, Me with a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, and Kelvin with a Ruger 9mm, striking the Charlie's Angels pose.  Bosley would be proud.

Matthrew, Me, Al Nikki, Mike, Jackie, Tyree, Massa, Kelvin, Jon and Brian.

It's a Nikki sammich! Oh to be a slice of bread on THAT sammich...which Al and I were.

Mike's meat brings a smile to everybody's face!  Wait, that doesn't sound right...never mind.

It looks like Al's cold and getting warmed up by Nikki.

Jackie, Mike, and Jon.

Nikki getting cozy with Kelvin.

Mike goes for the wrong Nips.

Brian and Shane looking retarded.

Nikki making Matthew's lap very happy.


Nikki reading us the riot act again.

Me and Angela

The resident Libertarians posing in front of some guys house down the block.  Weirdos.

Massa and Nikki

Nikki getting dipped by Tyree.  That's Shane and his tongue in the background.
The End


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