June 13th, 2004
The Return of Al
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Steve's kids being entertained by adult videos...y'know, something about Alice and her Wonderland.

Steve kids again looking extremely thrilled...and Mike.

Steve calling in a hit squad because the damn picture's blurry.

Shaun, Eric, and Brian.

Another bad picture of Shaun.  Steve in the background.

Misty and Lisa lookin' sassy!

Mike the sloppy bitch, complete with stains on his shirt.

Al, the guest of honor.  I don't even wanna know where that tongue has been!

Steve and my bad mohawk looking self.

Eric fiddling with my Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD.  Brian in the background looking cool.

Lisa and yet another bad picture of Mr Fu-Man-Chu.

Shaun, Lisa, Misty's head, and Mike.

Eric's head and Steve.

Misty, Lisa, Me, and Eric.  Boy he shore duz have a purty mouth...SQUEEAL!!

Al and me.

Misty and Shaun...awww

Lisa breaking wind???

Brian and The Bob.

Me enjoying an adult beverage.

Me barefoot, a beer in one hand, and a smoke in another \m/\m/

Shaun and Lisa

Misty, Lisa, Me, and Eric the tough guy.  Oh yeah, that's Brian in the front.

Misty, Lisa, and Shaun

Misty, Shaun, Mike, and Brian.

The Park Clan:
David, Steve, Dillon, Jordan, and Hayley.

Whatever is on the TV, must be really enticing.

That's me in the background, along with the Parks, and Mike on the right.
The End

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