April 13, 2003
Grilled Steak & Stuff Part II
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Mike the Iron Chef cutting the brisket.(old picture)

Mike still cutting the brisket.  (another old picture)

Brian and Shane

Bob hiding in the garage

BJ practicing her skills on a Cheetos Twisted

Bob cozying up to Shane

The blurry Bob

Bob reeeaaally cozying up to Shane

BJ caught in a momentary lapse of reason

Brian looking for something to drink...even though he brought his own root beer

The Cow House



Brian and BJ

Brian taking a test picture, and catching my sexy leg

Shane and me (bad framing courtesy of Brian)

Meeeeaat...bloody Meeeeaat!!!

Shane, LaRetta, Chris, and me (bad framing courtesy of Brian

Brian and BJ

Shane and LaRetta

Mike and Chris (HEY..fuck you too!)

Chris being a lazy bitch


Mike, Bob, and Chris
(Bob's growling btw)
The End

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