Mugs Up Root Beer 700 East 23rd Street
Independence, MO  64055
(816) 254-7040

What kind of world would this be without local drive-ins?  Mugs Up has been around since the early 70's and I honestly think the building still has the same orange paintjob.  In holding true to the name they serve up big mugs of root beer and root beer floats, which are called Black Cows.  They also have something called an Orangaroo, which is an orange soda float.  Believe it or not, it's not that bad.  Besides their root beer, they are famous for their Zip Burgers and their Whiz Burgers (a Zip Burger w/ cheese).  Instead of a hamburger patty, it's a crumbly meat burger sort of like a Sloppy Joe.  I like their hot & crispy onion rings, and they have deep fried burritos.  If you go there on a busy night, keep in mind that they maybe only have two girls working, so service may be a little slow...but the Super Whiz Burger and Black Cow are well worth the wait.  Located about a mile east  of 23rd Street and Noland Road in Independence, MO.  Don't forget to tip the carhops.   

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