Food & Dining

Even though I live in the meth capital of the world, there are a number of great restaurants and local dives that enjoy feasting at.  These are pretty much limited to the Greater Kansas City area, unless noted otherwise.  I'll be the first to admit that I am hardly a food connoisseur or a food critic.  Whether it's a some 5-star restaurant or some shack behind the local dump...if the food's good and I like the place, I'll tell you.

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Copeland's - Cajun food that hits the spot
Hereford House - The premiere Kansas City steakhouse
Mugs Up - Drive-in with the tastiest hamburgers and best root beer floats in town
Clem's Another local drive-in with an interesting sandwich that you MUST try
China EastGreat food, friendly folks, and good saki
Jason's Deli - More delectable sandwiches than you can shake a stick at

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