Copeland's New Orleans Restaurant and Bar 11920 Metcalf Avenue,
Overland Park, KS 66213
(913) 663-KC90

This is one of my favorite restaurants to frequent.  It's a bit on the pricey side and you expect to spend $30 a person on average for a decent meal.  It's the only place in the KC area (that I know of) that serves alligator.  I always get the paneed Alligator Strips to start out the meal.  I then move on to the main course, which includes numerous Cajun dishes, as well as KC Strip.  I've never had their steaks, because if I wanted steak, I'd go to a steak house.  I like the spicy variety that Copeland's serves up such as Gumbo, Jambalaya, Shrimp Ducky, Shrimp Dill-icious, or their Blackened Redfish, Mahi Mahi, and Grilled Salmon.  The Blackened Pork Le Boucherie is amazing.  The serving sizes are always just right.  If after the main course, you still have room left over for dessert, I recommend a bowl of Mexican Vanilla ice cream.  But if you're a brave soul who wants to get stuffed to the gills, then go for the Bananas Foster. 

The overall atmosphere is very nice.  The dining room area is a little on the darkened side with jazz and blues subtly in the background.  Getting the indoor gazebo table is nice.  For your alcoholic needs, they do have a nice bar and can whip up just about anything for you.  The hosting staff has always been very pleasant, and extremely courteous. 

Next time you're near 119th and Metcalf in Overland Park, KS and have a craving for Cajun, check this place out.

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