Clems Drive In 10802 East 23rd Street
Independence, MO  64052
(816) 461-9472

Yet another drive-in that I enjoy frequenting.  Like Mugs Up, they too have the crumbly burger, but not nearly as exquisite as the Super Whiz Burger.  The menu item that sets this place apart is the brain sandwich.  I kid you not, they serve brain sandwiches.  Now before you get all grossed out, they are quite good.  Imagine eating a fish fillet mixed with scrambled eggs.  I like mine with a little horseradish on it.  I'm one of few in my circle of friends that's eaten a brain sandwich, so I feel special.  The question that I always get is, "What kind of brain is it?".  That's a good question, because I don't have a clue.  I would assume cow brain, but I've never asked.  Another menu favorite is their chocolate shakes.  Very thick and very chocolaty.  It takes about 30 minutes for it to be of a consistency where it can be sipped through a straw.  I typically can't wait that long, so I break out a spoon and start going  to town.  They also have other goodies on the menu such as, pork tenderloins, fried mushrooms, and fried pickles.  Cheap prices, and the food is addictive.  You're arteries may hate you, but who cares?!?!  Located about a half mile west of 23rd Street and Sterling in Independence, MO.  Again, don't forget to tip the carhops.

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