China EastChina   East   12611 Metcalf Avenue
  Overland Park, KS  66213
  (913) 661-0880
  (913) 661-0060 Fax

My favorite Chinese restaurant in town.  It's located in the shopping plaza at 127th and Metcalf Road in Overland Park, Kansas.  I started going there back in 2000 on my lunch hour and have been going there every week since then.  When I first started eating there, the manager, Jim, was very customer friendly.  He never missed an occasion to come entertain the kids with jokes and hand shadows.  Being an avid fishermen, he liked to demonstrate to  people how to properly cast a fishing line INSIDE THE DINING AREA!  Some of his catches are prominently displayed on the wall.  Every week he would always give me little brain teasers to figure out by the next week.  But due to health reasons, he's taken some time off to rest.  His brother and sister now run the place.  I think I've literally tried everything on the menu, but a few dishes stand out.  I happen to enjoy the Seafood Pan Fried Noodle, the Firepot Combo, anything involving Squid, and the Peking Duck.  If you like your food extra spicy...not a problem.  They'll definitely hook you up.  I've never had the buffet, but I'm sure it's just as good as the dinner.  The chef, Peter Wong, has cooked for such luminaries as President George H. W. Bush, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Cosby, Johnny Carson, and Kenny Rogers just to name a few.  When they're closing up the restaurant, he likes to come out and discuss politics with me.  He's proud of current President Bush, VP Cheney and Colin Powell.  Not a big fan of Clinton/Gore.  Voted # 1 Chinese Restaurant in Johnson County (The Squire Express, Sept. 2001).  Reasonable prices, excellent service, and good saki.

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